Do not follow where the path may lead 
    Instead, go
              where there is no path and
                                          leave a trail
  • BEST SELLING AUTHOR of 8 books - published by New Holland, Pan McMillan 

  • INVESTING - Angel Investor - Specialize in tech, crypto, COVID second income projects

  • TV/MEDIA RADIO - Social Commentator - Columnist -  TV Gladiator 'Commando'

  • BUSINESS - Multi industry Entrepreneur Founder CEO ​

  • SPIRITUALITYCEO Freedom Fighter Ministries. 

  • ADVENTURESocial Experimenter www.TheLifeChangeExperiment.com.

  • CHARITY - Co-founder www.OceanHomeFoundation.org

  • MILITARY - Ex-Royal Marine Green Beret Commando 

  • MANAGEMENT - Managing wife www.BessieBarker.com 


INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER – Geoff also specialize in speaking on the subjects he has written and researched over the last 10 years for Corporate Clients, Groups, Churches, Seminars, One on one coaching.

He also hosted and presented many charity and corporate functions around the country and provided a series of lectures to help people.

IRAQ TOUR - Geoff and Bessie (Geoff's wife www.bessiebarker.com) toured the middle east, Iraq and Kuwait hosting and performing in the official military Christmas tour for the troops in the war zone. They performed in Sadam’s Palace and traveled to bases all over the middle east, receiving medals for their contributions​


REGULAR COLUMNIST – Geoff is an advisor and writer for many men’s and women’s mag’s

TV& MEDIA - Geoff starred as a CH7  Gladiator on TV 'Commando'. He went on to do numerous Tv, movie and commercials.

RADIO - Geoff had his own weekly live segment on Australias #1 syndicated show 2day FM - Kyle & Jackie O show called 

‘Secret men’s business segment’

TRAINER TO THE STARS – Geoff was started one of the first personal training companies in Australia, responsible for training some of Australia’s biggest names in Movies, Media, Politics and Business


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Best Selling Author  of 8 books
  • To Far Gone - Out 2021
  • Fat Free Forever (nutrition + weight loss for everyone) 1997
  • Easy Exercise for Everyone (Exercise and toning) 1998
  • Big Fat Lies (Exposing the myths in the diet industry) 1999
  • Casting Couch confidential – 2003
  • Bessie’s Body Secrets – 2004
  • What’s on a man’s mind (Relationship and motivation for women) April 2006
  • Bessie’s Guide for Girls who want more from life - August 2006
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